Lost Southborough Publication Update

Dear Friends

A quick update on Lost Southborough: We had a last-minute chance to include 8 never before published  pictures, and took it. To accommodate these extra illustrations, publication date has been pushed back until next week, 2/18. For those of you who ordered mailed copies, the book will hit the post office 2/20. For those who  requested a copy to pick up, we’re hoping to arrange a Town House  location so you don’t have to find a narrow slot at the museum. As soon as we receive delivery from the publisher, we’ll let you know. The proofs are in, and the book is looking fantastic.!


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  1. I ordered a book and sent a check to you. I have a couple of questions for you. I am Elinor Lindberg, (Grand-daughter of Elinor Burnett) My father, James Bishop, her son, and he worked for Burnetts vanilla, during the 1930’s and 1940’s. He was lucky enough to collect bottles and had early Burnett advertising as well. Are you interstedin any of this memorabilia? Also my brother has quite a bit of Burnett collectibles. He livesin Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Elinor, Yes we are quite interested. We are turning to cataloging our collection of Burnett materials this year and would love to see what you have. We’ll be in touch via email. Best, M

      1. Great!
        Could you email me when you have them and let me know if I should pick them up at Town Hall. Thank you, they seem quite informative and interesting.

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