Under Pressure from Residents, St. Mark’s Withdraws Light Plans

I am extremely pleased to be able to share with you the news that the Planning Board has received a letter from St. Mark’s withdrawing their application to install night lighting on the historic Clark field.  The letter went on to state that St Mark’s would take a look at the project over the next several years with an eye to addressing residents concerns.  So for now, blessed darkness reigns, thanks again to citizenry advocacy. Next step, getting some hoods on the lights at Woodward and putting a “use only” policy in place that turns off the current automatic timer that illuminates the fields (at taxpayer expense) regardless of whether anyone actually IS on the field, and replacing it with a simple on off switch for use during official activities.

Congratulations to all the residents of Southborough on this one!

2 Replies to “Under Pressure from Residents, St. Mark’s Withdraws Light Plans”

  1. This is great news. We were considering sending a letter from the Burnett family or as individuals concerned about the Southborough environmental quality.

    I used to be on the Zoning Commission here in Bethany, and light pollution was a major concern when permitting illumination for businesses. It’s hard to believe Southborough allows the lights on Woodward Field to be on when no one is there.

    Thanks to Southborough residents for their good work.

    Patricia Winer

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