Southborough Squirrel Succumbs; He Set Fires, Killed Fish

Dear Friends,

As we slowly begin to reassemble our collections after the flood, occasionally we come across something that makes us laugh.

For your amusement, we present this undated clipping, probably from sometime in the 50s.







2 Replies to “Southborough Squirrel Succumbs; He Set Fires, Killed Fish”

  1. GREAT! A terrific unknown fact of Southborough Makes me think of an idea… to collect other odd or quirky incidents. Might think of a couple now but… partly story about the buffalo that lived here when Iirst moved in (1972). And the
    owner was a bit quirky in a wonderful way, including being a selectman.
    If I can get some paid tutoring jobs, I may be able to take time to research that theme. I’m happiest when I’m researching..

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