Happy Fourth of July!

Recently rediscovered in our photographic collection: Fourth of July, 1902 in Southborough with Ruth Ladd, Marguerite Henderson, Veda Henderson, Alice Hammond, the aptly named Rose Liberty, Evelyn Henderson, James E Griffin, and Corrina Liberty. The dog’s name is lost to history, but for today he can be ‘Firecracker.’

Happy Fourth of July from all your friends at the Southborough Historical Society!

2 Replies to “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Love the photo and the whole idea of using 4th as another way of getting out the word about SHS!

    I thought one of the rr stations is actually a house on the corner of Parkerville across the street from where the station was.
    And while I’m remembering… the house across from that going up Parkerville was a country store…maybe even into
    the time I came in early 1970…

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