Welcome to the Southborough Historical Society!

Our mission is to preserve the best of our past for our future, enhancing the quality of life in Southborough, Massachusetts.

To that end we have gathered on this site information about the remarkable history of Southborough, Massachusetts. The town was officially founded in 1727, but European settlers had moved into the fertile valley of the Stony Brook as early as 1640, where they encountered the native Nipmuck tribe. Over the next century and half, Southborough evolved from a rural farming community to an important agricultural and manufacturing center on the main train line between Boston and points west. In the 1890’s, the Reservoir system was created to provide Boston with water, flooding the Stony Brook and 2000 acres of prime farm land, which radically altered the topography of Southborough. Since then, the town has evolved into a residential suburb of Boston with little-to-no industry. Thanks to large areas of open space (both privately and publicly owned) Southborough still retains something of its rural air.

Within this site you’ll find links to our Historical Museum, guides to walking tours, valuable genealogical  information and visual tours into Southborough’s past. Whether you are looking for information about your property, searching down lost ancestors, or simply want to know more about the place you call home, we have it all right here.

The Southborough Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, and your donations to the society are tax deductible.

We are actively seeking new members for involvement in all areas of our research and preservation. Join us!